Dr.Reza Tabari

Dr.Reza Tabari


Professional Information

Doctor of Dental surgeon(DDS)

Tehran University of Medical Science. Board Certified of specialty of Endodontics (MS), Specialist Dentist in Endodontics Tehran University of Medical Science . highly skilled With over two decades of experience and expertise lies in various aspects of endodontics cares.


• Root canal treatments,complicated cases, curved and calcified canals.

• Retreatment of unsuccessful previous procedures.

• Diagnosis of Pulp and periodontal disease

• Microscopic procedures.

• Microsurgery (Endodontics surgery)

• Treatment of traumatic cases , Avulsion, luxation, Alveolar fracture.

• Vital Pulp Therapy.

• Pulp Regeneration Therapy.

Membership: Lecturer and member of Iranian Endodontists Association (IAE). Lecturer and member of Iranian General Dentists Association (IGDA).

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